We understand that the role of an organiser is a difficult one, helpful hints to stay sane!

When pricing your tour, it’s best to charge the higher per person price bracket.

This safeguards you if your numbers fall below expected levels. If they rise above your expectations, then it will be extra money towards your fundraiser. Of course, these are suggestions only, and it is entirely up to you how you proceed in this area.

Decide how many passengers you wish to have as a minimum number.

Keep giving the group a target, eg.5 more seats available. Why not give a small gift to the person who brings the most people on the day, for their great effort? You may wish to involve organisations similar to yours to increase your group size.

When organising your Tour, collect a deposit from each person as they book.

This will help you with definite numbers. If, for some reason they need to cancel, make it their responsibility to find a replacement so that your numbers don’t change.

Wishlist of warehouses + outlets

Whereas every effort is made to secure the outlets in your choice of 8-10 on your Wishlist, it is the warehouse or outlets discretion as to whether they accept a tour group. Any changes requested by you after 12 business days prior to your tour will incur a administration charge.

Raffle Prizes

Canvas businesses for extra raffle prizes. For example – vouchers, wine, gifts. Plan to have some extra raffle prizes. Don’t just rely on the gifts from the warehouses. Some warehouses will only give a gift if sales are over a certain amount. Some outlets give you a gift regardless of sales.

Have plenty of raffle tickets and small change for purchasing. Make the price of the tickets realistic for all shoppers –  eg. Multiple draw raffles – 3 tickets for $5.00 or $2.00 per ticket.

If you are an ‘out of town’ bus travelling long distances have some little competitions on the way and back, to raise extra money and are fun For example – guess the jelly beans in the jar, $50.00 lucky number board, lucky ticket number, and lucky seat number…., instant scratchy prizes for guessing games. These games can be played throughout the day.

Also include the silver coin fines for the “naughty people” – last on the bus or those that don’t buy for their husbands etc.

Sell raffle tickets throughout the day and draw the raffles after every couple of outlets to keep them excited. Save the big and special prizes for the journey home.

Sell raffle tickets prior to your shopping tour, to the people who couldn’t come on the day. This way they have helped contribute to the fundraising effort even though they couldn’t attend. If your group are unable to raffle the prizes due to particular reasons, doing an auction of the prizes throughout the day can be a lot of fun. Sell soft drinks and water: Have an esky with cold drinks and cold water available as passengers will purchase these throughout the day especially during the warmer months. Your hostess and bus driver will help sell them while you are shopping.

Advertise well. Local newspapers often put ads in free for fundraising for schools and sporting clubs. Local school newsletters reach a wide community. Put flyers in shop windows, and invite people outside your group (remember, some people like to join a tour but don’t belong to any particular group)

A deposit of $80.00 is payable to secure your booking, your tour is not confirmed in the system and is open for another group to take this availability until deposit is paid. Finalisation of your numbers: target 6 weeks prior to your chosen date, this gives you an indication of possible final numbers. Final minimum numbers and payment is due 2 weeks prior. You can always add additional people up to 48 hours prior.

A list of outlets will be included to help you in choosing the type of places you may wish to visit. Please keep in mind that the number of outlets visited on the day depends purely on the travelling time between outlets. Obviously the closer the areas visiting on the itinerary the more outlets you will be able to visit. Our tour hostess will phone you or alternately you are quite welcome to phone our office to discuss the outlets further. Your itinerary will then be submitted to the outlets/warehouses for confirmation of their availability to welcome your tour.

On the Day, have your group arrive at least 15 minutes prior to departure, as warehouse times are pre booked, and some open exclusively for us and / or put on extra staff for our visit, please ensure that your group is aware of the importance of punctuality both in pick up times and during the day.

Large stripe shopping bags are a great idea to get your ladies to bring with them on the day, anything they purchase can go into their own large bag with their name written on it to be stored under the bus… this insures they do not lose any of their items!
Don’t hesitate to contact us – our friendly experienced consultants are happy to work with you on the warehouses that best suit your needs.


In case of cancellation, your $80.00 deposit is non-refundable. This deposit is transferable within a 12-month period if 14 days’ notice is given of the cancellation, or, if a date change for your tour is provided. If cancellation of your tour occurs within 2 weeks of your tour date, forfeiture of your deposit will apply.

To qualify for fundraising, your group must have a minimum of 20 paying adults on board the coach on day of travel. If you have less, a social day will occur with gifts still given to you from some of the outlets visited and minimum tour cost will incur.